Global Oregon Smartphone App Survey

August 17, 2012

Led by Claire Weil and Alison Walt, the Global Oregon undergraduate student team is developing a mobile app for smartphones to be used in the 2012-2013 academic year. The application will ‘go live’ twice during the coming academic year, inserting a 7-question survey on internationalization into the UO smartphone application. After completing the survey, participants will be eligible to win prizes from the University of Oregon Duck Store.

Gabon/Oregon Connection

August 17, 2012

Three UO students from Gabon are trying to shrug off Oregon’s unpredictable weather, but they are embracing the opportunity to study abroad. The three students, Gleen Landangoye, Sephora Aplogan and Iris Mouleka, had begun their studies at east coast schools when they got the call to come to the University of Oregon — with a full scholarship. All three jumped at the chance.

Russian Banking Student Visit

August 17, 2012

In mid July, Global Oregon hosted a three-day conference  of 21 Russian banking students and two faculty advisers as part of a larger two-week international exchange organized by Tatyana Tsyrlina and Associates in Cultural Exchange (ACE).