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The Division of Global Engagement is connected to every school, college, department, and center at the University of Oregon. The academic units within the Division support a wide range of international engagement activities, global-scale projects, and transnational partnerships benefitting both students and faculty.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of us in unique ways, changing how we live, learn, and connect. However, our mission to provide a global connection for all students, faculty, and the campus community has not wavered. Together, we'll get through this.

New! Global Engagement Programs

Giving UO students an academic connection to the university through a global lens.

Expedition Oregon
A journey with a common purpose.
Corona Corps
Join UO in leading the charge to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our community.
Success in Online Learning:
A Student Resource Kit
Learn all of the skills necessary to master the medium of online learning ​in one flexible asynchronous platform.
Seminar Series:
Local Perspectives on Global Issues
Engage in small groups with UO faculty, graduate students, and experts from around the world to discuss key issues facing our global and local communities.
Get Ready for Your (Global) Career
Be strides ahead of your peers as you build foundational skills for career competitiveness in a global context.
Global Leadership Challenges
Short-term, fast-paced, experiential learning programs designed for students around the world.
Student Envoy Program
The UO faculty-run program will train and supervise a team of UO students to serve as local hosts and cultural guides to visiting athletic federations during the World Athletics Championships in 2022.

International Student Exclusives

Enrollment options for international students including remote options, pre-freshman studies in Shanghai, Intro to Sports Business course taught in Mandarin in Eugene, and China-based student advising.



APRU Student Global Climate Change Simulation
APRU Student Global Climate Change Simulation

120 students from 13 universities across 10 countries
agree to limit global warming to 2.1°C

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Additional Resources

International News, Updates, and FAQs

As changes to immigration policy, visa processing, and travel restrictions continue to develop, UO acknowledges how particularly stressful the current environment of uncertainty must feel for our highly-valued international students, scholars, faculty, and staff. We know that the current state of immigration policy and ever-changing procedures related to COVID-19 are causing confusion, concern, and questions. Please know that we want you here as part of our community, and the Division of Global Engagement is here to do everything possible to help you overcome every obstacle to your academic success and have full membership in our community.

Current International News

Foreign Engagement in International Research and Activities

At the University of Oregon, the open exchange of ideas and making connections across the globe are important to us all. In recent years, there have been concerns raised by the federal government over inappropriate foreign state influence on research conducted at universities in the United States. Given those concerns and the ever-changing landscape of federal regulations, we encourage all faculty and staff to look at the guidelines and requirements for foreign engagement in international research relationships and activities. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Dennis Galvan, dean and vice provost of the Division of Global Engagement, at

Guidelines and Requirements

Affiliations and Partners

The Division of Global Engagement at the University of Oregon listens to, understands, and supports the wide range of international projects and global aspirations of our academic partners and affiliates. We make matches where we can, propose synergies, and suggest unexpected collaborations. We look for ways to develop UO international strategy from the grassroots up, to fundraise on a large scale, and make the whole of our global endeavors much greater than the sum of the parts.