Leadership Staff

Dennis Galvan
Dean and Vice Provost of Global Engagement

Lori O'Hollaren
Assistant Vice Provost and Director of the Global Studies Institute

Will Johnson
Assistant Vice Provost of Operations and Innovation

Stian Eriksen
Interim Executive Director Global Education Oregon

David Austin
Communications Director for the Office of the Provost and DGE

Bryan Evans
Office and Personnel Manager

Nancy O'BrienNancy O'Brien
Executive Assistant

Cathy Method
Special Assistant to the Vice Provost




GEO Staff

Luis Ruiz
Assistant Director, Analytics and Student Success

Ben Callaway
Global Engagement Programs Coordinator-Lead

Lisa Calevi
Assistant Director for Institutional Relations

Michael Price
Health, Safety, and Risk Manager

Dana Elliott
Institutional Relations Representative, Western U.S


Jane ThieleJane Thiele
Institutional Relations Representative, Mid-Western U.S.

Elizabeth Abbasi
Global Engagement Programs Coordinator

Kerby Boschee
Global Engagement Programs Coordinator

Alyssa Cervenka
Global Engagement Programs Coordinator

Patrick McMurdo
Global Engagement Programs Coordinator

Quinne Hauth
Global Engagement Programs Coordinator




ISSS Staff

Becky Megerssa
Assistant Director & SEVIS Manager

Ying-Bei Eldridge
International Student Advisor

Ethan Mapes
International Student and Scholar Advisor

Sonja RasmussenSonja Rasmussen
Director, Mills International Center

Sara Clark
Intercultural Education Coordinator, Mills International Center



GSI Staff

Lori O'Hollaren

Yifang Zhang
Internship Coordinator

Kylie Yihua K. Post
Professional Development Coordinator

Elly Vandegrift
Program Director, Global Science Education Initiatives

portrait of Maryne DanaMaryne Dana
Global Engagement Programs Coordinator-Lead



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Administrative Staff

Katie Jo Walter
Interim International Student Advisor

Morgan Hayward
Graphic Design and Multimedia Specialist

Sarah Jo LarsonSarah Jo Larson
Accounting Technician

Samantha Scallion
Accounting Technician

Grace Honeywell
Global Engagement Program Coordinator

Jenn Kuan
Global Engagement Program Coordinator

Erin Cling
Office Specialist

Wanda Jamerson
Office Specialist

Bryna Goodman
Professor, History
Senior Advisor for China Engagement

Craig Parsons
Professor and Dept. Head, Political Science
Senior Advisor for Global Innovation

Bish Sen
Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
Senior Advisor for India Engagement