Apply to APRU Undergraduate Summer Program in Nanjing University

The Association of Pacific Rim Universities has announced the 7th APRU Undergraduate Summer Program (USP) to be hosted by Nanjing University in China from 6 to 13 July 2014.

The USP 2014 is a 1- week enriching program for outstanding APRU students from multidisciplinary fields.

Program Overview
With the theme, “Developing Asia-Pacific Global Leaders: China’s Perspectives”, the USP 2014 aims to:

  • enhance the international experience of students from APRU member universities;
  • enrich key competencies and leadership potential of APRU students;
  • promote knowledge transfer and cultural exchange among APRU students; and
  • explore various aspects of Chinese studies, culture and history.

Program activities include theme-related lectures, seminars and workshops with cultural and social activities focusing on:

  • leadership
  • intercultural dynamics and communication
  • student life and common challenges of undergraduate students; and
  • Chinese studies, among others.

These activities are being developed and designed to help students further develop their leadership skills and competencies. Distinguished faculty, facilitators and outstanding students from the host university and its partner institutions will be invited as speakers and resource persons.

The proceedings of the program will be conducted in English.

The latest preliminary program can be viewed here.

APRU member universities may nominate up to two students for the USP, however the participation in USP 2014 will be capped at 60 students to ensure the academic and experiential quality of the program.

Information on registration, fees, key dates, visas and contact information are available on the APRU website at.

Registration will close on April 15, 2014.