Women, videos and documentaries

Where: University of Oregon, Allen Hall 221

Brazilian professor Gilberto Alexandre Sobrinho is coming to the UO on a Fulbright Outreach Lecturing Fund. The purpose of the OLF is to allow foreign scholars to share their specific research interests, speak on the history and culture of their home country, exchange ideas with U.S. students, faculty and community organizations, become better acquainted with U.S. higher education, and create linkages between their home and host institutions and CIES.

In Brazil, he is a Professor at the Department of Multimedia, Media and Communication at UNICAMP (University ofCampinas) Institute of Art, and coordinator of the Communication Studies-Media Studies program at the same institution.
Prof. Sobrinho’s present research project focuses on issues of nation and identity construction in video and documentary in Brazil. It delves into the documentary production in video in which prevail, in plural form, identity constructions of gender and sexuality of the African-Brazilians, the inhabitants of peripheral communities and/or regions, the marginalized indigenous communities, and other cultures and histories that have been minoritarian and have not been visible in the history of Brazilian audiovisual, mainly in television media.