Student Envoy Program

Student Envoy Program

World Athletics Championships Oregon2022

In Summer 2022, the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 will take place at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon. Our community will welcome over 2,000 track and field athletes from almost every country in the world.

As part of the championships, the Division of Global Engagement (DGE) is working with the Office of the President to launch the Student Envoy Program, which will train and supervise a team of UO students, supplemented with community members when possible, to serve as local hosts and cultural guides to visiting athletic federations.

How to Become a Student Envoy

Do you have a strong sense of cultural curiosity, language skills, or travel experience? Are you interested in UO's athletic history or are a member of a UO athletic team? Are you pursuing a career path in sports marketing, business, human physiology, or product design? Do you want to gain leadership and management skills? Or, are you just super interested in being involved? That works too!

We’re seeking at least 150 students to serve as Envoys in Eugene, OR from July 15-24, 2022. Applications close October 31, 2021 and only takes a few minutes to complete. Envoys will be accepted in early November and must enroll in a special 1-credit training course during Winter and Spring Terms 2022 to prepare for the Envoy role. The courses will cover cross-cultural communication guidelines, sports engagement expertise, and hospitality/tourism/business best practices and to help you feel confident in working with athletic federations as their Envoy!

Hayward Field at UO


Why is it a big deal that the World Athletics Championships Oregon2022 is taking place in Eugene?

The World Athletics Championships were started in 1976 and operate on a two-year cycle. Similar in scale to the World Cup (for soccer), the event attracts worldwide attention. The July 15-24, 2022 event will be the first time World Championships are held in the United States and the first time ever on a college campus. Over 2,000 athletes from nearly every country in the world participate!

Will people outside the US be watching?

The event will be broadcast to 200 countries with a global TV audience of 1 billion people.

What should I know about the Envoy program?

The Envoy program, run by the UO Division of Global Engagement (DGE) will train and supervise a team of UO students, supplemented with community members as possible, to serve as local hosts and cultural guides to visiting athletic federations. We will match each country delegation with a student or group of students (depending on size of delegation) who are from that country, have proficiency in the language(s) of that country, or other experience with the country and culture of the delegates.

If selected, what will I do as an Envoy?

Envoys will be responsible for completing a variety of tasks and activities to ensure daily support throughout the event, such as acting as guides and cross-cultural interpreters, creating a warm sense of community and camaraderie for their visiting team and its members, providing local knowledge and connection to resources or support and generally ensuring a positive experience at the UO and Oregon.

What training will I receive?

Students will gain background in cross-cultural communication; international negotiation; management of teams of diverse national origin, race, ethnicity and religion; hospitality skills; basic conflict resolution; and the long history and contemporary realities of sport as a medium for people-to-people forms of international relations. Courses will be run through the Department of Global Studies (ex-International Studies) in the UO College of Arts & Sciences. You’ll also get training on the event through Oregon22, the local organizing committee.

What if I don’t know anything about sports?

No problem! We’re looking for Envoys who will be enthusiastic cultural ambassadors with natural curiosity and good communicators. Know a second (or third) language? Always a bonus!

How do I get started?

Once admitted into the program, Envoys will be required to complete either a three-term training course (only for first year students in the Global Engagement ARC) or a 1-credit training course (for everyone else) during both Winter and Spring Terms 2022.

Can you give me an idea of some specific Envoy tasks?

These could include an airport and campus welcome, accompanying their team to different events, or navigating them through and around campus. Envoys will be provided with a day-by-day schedule during the event in which their hours and responsibilities will likely differ based on the day. Envoys are expected to be respectful, adaptable, strong communicators, culturally aware and educated on their team and in general outstanding representatives of the UO and Oregon. Student Envoys will report to Division of Global Engagement and Office of the President Administrative staff.

Anything else I should know?

Student envoys are responsible for securing their own housing during the July 15-24, 2022 event. To explore options, consult: (NOTE: In providing a link to this website, GEO is merely sharing resources and does not work directly with or sponsor any of the housing providers).


Questions or concerns? Please contact Lisa Calevi ( or Carlyn Schreck (

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines 

    OCTOBER 1, 2021

    Student envoy application OPENS

    OCTOBER 31, 2021 (11:59 PM)

    Student envoy application CLOSES

    NOVEMBER 1-14, 2021

    Applicants notified of acceptance into Envoy Program

    november 15-24, 2021

    Envoy Training course registration

    (1-credit Winter Term 2022 course, UGST 112)

    january 3, 2022

    Training Begins

The World Athletic Championships Oregon22

This is the very first time the World Athletic Championships will be held in the United States. Our very own historic Hayward Field will host the world's best track and field athletes as they compete. You don't want to miss this. 

Countries participating
Student athletes
July 15-24