Envisioning Urban Istanbul

Where: 150 White Stag Block, Portland, Oregon

Convener and Moderator:
Alison B. Snyder, Director of the University of Oregon’s Interior Architecture Program and Associate Professor of Architecture will introduce the architectural issues leading us to discuss "Envisioning Urban Istanbul" from multiple perspectives.

Invited speakers:
Dr. James Grehan, Director of the Portland State University Middle East Studies Center and Associate Professor of History will speak on "Istanbul's Ottoman Legacy."
Dr. Birol Yesilada, Director of the Portland State University Center for Turkish Studies and Professor of Political Science and International Studies, will speak on "Istanbul as Turkey's Political Mosaic."
Dr. Pelin Basci, Associate Chair of Portland State University’s Department of World Languages and Literatures and Associate Professor of Turkish Language and Literature, will speak on "Istanbul: the Imagined City."

The panel is funded in part by the Oregon Community Foundation funded Van Evera Bailey Faculty Award for Faculty Research and Studio Teaching in the Department of Architecture, University of Oregon.

A streaming webcast of the event will be available at http://pdx.uoregon.edu/live