Havana hip hop

Where: EMU Oak Room

Charlie Hankin will be presenting his summer research on hip hop in Havana, Cuba, funded by the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies. This talk will feature videos and recordings and will be followed by a question and answer session. Details below.

Havana hip hop
Thursday, October 23
EMU Oak Room

UO graduate student Charlie Hankin is working on a literary and ethnographic study of Cuban hip hop (in and outside of Cuba) as it relates to international hip hop culture. He conducted a series of interviews and attended the 10th Annual International Hip Hop Symposium in Havana in August 2014. In particular, he is interested in the way hip hop functions as activism, pacifism, and pedagogy, a decolonial gesture in which the periphery is cast as an alternative cosmopolitan center for (post)modernity.