Russian Banking Student Visit

In mid July, Global Oregon hosted a three-day conference  of 21 Russian banking students and two faculty advisers as part of a larger two-week international exchange organized by Tatyana Tsyrlina and Associates in Cultural Exchange (ACE).

During their stay at the University of Oregon, participants had the chance to connect with an international college experience in a variety of ways: not only did they get a taste of student life by staying at our very own Hamilton Dorm complex, but they had the chance to meet other UO students in a casual setting and talk about the differences in student life between the U.S. and Russia. The students attended lectures offered by distinguished presenters Professor Bruce Blonigen and Heghine Hakobyan, enjoyed a guided visit to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, and hiked up to Hendricks Park to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.

It was a great visit, and Global Oregon looks forward to hosting additional student groups from Russia in forthcoming cultural exchanges!