Global Scholars Hall Opens

The Global Scholars Hall is an exciting new campus community offering rich academic and cultural opportunities. It is a program that encourages and celebrates global and intellectual involvement through a wide variety of residential academic programs, including immersive language programs in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. 

Students in the language immersive communities will live in a community with other people studying the same language so that they can become more proficient through everyday communication. The Language Assistants for each immersion hall, including several international students, are proficient in the language. Living in these communities can be a great springboard for students who are preparing to study abroad, or a way to maintain cultural connections for students who are returning from an international experience. Whether chatting in German while eating lunch in the Fresh Marketcafé or learning to make sushi in the demonstration kitchen, students in these programs will create and participate in a global academic experience. 

Global Scholars is also home to students in the Robert D. Clark Honors College and the College Scholars Program. Lectures, discussions, film screenings, and academic advising are offered right where they live. Student groups and departments can also collaborate with the Global Scholars community and reserve classrooms or event space. The Global Scholars community is dedicated to exploration: exploration of one’s individual potential, exploration of the academic possibilities at a public research university, and exploration of the world.

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Chinese Flagship

The Chinese Flagship is a national certificate program for highly motivated students seeking professional-level proficiency in Mandarin in any major of their choice. Flagship offers you advanced-level, content-based courses in Chinese across a wide spectrum of majors and topics, individualized language coaching, peer tutors, outreach and leadership events in the community, access to UO's Confucius Institute, our own summer program, and a Flagship capstone year studying and interning in Nanjing, China.

Deutsch erleben!

The German immersive learning community allows dedicated students of any major to advance their German proficiency and to deepen their knowledge of German culture.  You may participate in activities such as the German Lesezirkel (reading circle), Kaffeestuden (coffee hours), Krafttrainig (strength training), Stammtish (German table). The immersive experience is excellent preparation for study in German-speaking country. Sprechen wir Deutsch!

Japanese Global Scholars

The Japanese Global Scholars program provides a unique opportunity for advanced Japanese learners seeking real-world proficiency. You can major in any subject offered at the university, while taking university courses such as physiology, journalism, business, history of manga, all taught in Japanese.

Vivir en español

Spanish is the de facto second language of the U.S., and the Vivir en espanol community allows you to develop a high level of proficiency through immersive contact with the language.  Academic and cultural programs, such as films and invited speakers, created connection with a wide range of majors and minors including Spanish, Latin American Studies, History, Journalism, Cinema Studies, or Business.  Co-curricular activities including conversation groups, sporting events, and cooking classes, give you practical language for communication and deepen your understanding of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Mejora tu español con nosotros!

Vivre en francais

French is an important and vibrant language spoken throughout the world (including the U.S.) The Vivre en francais community gives you the opportunity to be immersed in the language both inside and outside of the classroom, and make social connections with others who share the same passion for the French language.  Films, conversation tables, and lectures highlight the rich diversity of the Francophone world. Venez vivre en francais avec nous!