ICSP leader Mabuya featured in Daily Emerald

Helping others has always been a focal point of Lindy Mabuya’s life.  ”I think that my innate need to help others is due to how I was raised. I was always encouraged, above all, to do what you can, and that’s just always stuck — I always want to help and I always want to do more,” she said.

Since independently moving to the United States from Benoni, South Africa, the fourth-year Family and Human Services major has certainly done more than most. Mabuya currently holds a seat on the ASUO senate, is a UO ambassador, is involved in planning events for the Men’s Center, logs astounding hours of community service, works on international policy to enhance the academic experience of students on campus, and works with individuals on death row.

Read the complete article and watch and exlcusive video interview with ICSP Leader Lindy Mabuya.