UO chemistry and biochemistry welcome young scientists from Japan

A group of Japanese students visiting Eugene’s Churchill High School got to spend a day talking science at the University of Oregon earlier this month.

The UO Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry along with the Nanoscience Open Research Initiative (NORI) hosted students Ayaka Hikitawho, Hiroki Suyama and Haruka Oda along with their teacher, Ryosuke Yamashita. The group is from Miyazaki Kita High School, a science school in Japan.

Julie Haack, assistant department head for chemistry and biochemistry, served as their guide and arranged a full day of activities. The group toured the university and spent time in the Lokey Laboratories, where they had the opportunity for some hands-on experience with the instrumentation in the CAMCOR facility.

The visitors also gave presentations about their own research projects to UO chemistry and biochemistry graduate students. They toured the laboratories of Jim Hutchison, Darren Johnson and Ken Prehoda.

More photos of their visit are posted on the chemistry and biochemistry Facebook page.

UO chemistry community members who assisted Julie Haack in welcoming the guests include: Motoaki Honda and Ryuichiro Maruyama (NORI); Kurt Langworthy (CAMCOR); Ed Elliott (Hutch Lab); Kara Nell (Darren Johnson Lab); Emma Downs (David Tyler Lab); Romano (Guenza Lab); and Lyle McPherson (Prehoda Lab).

- from the UO Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry