2014 Global Oregon grant recipients diverse, total grows

EUGENE, Oregon (May 20, 2014) - The Global Studies Institute and its Global Oregon Initiative are pleased to announce the 2014 Global Oregon Graduate and Undergraduate Research Grant awards and the Global Oregon Translation Studies Graduate and Undergraduate Summer Research awards.

“The diversity of backgrounds and research interests of our Global Oregon grant recipients has been exceptional this year,” said Dennis Galvan, vice provost for international affairs. “We are committed to supporting international research at the UO—an investment that must be viewed as an essential component of a college degree and critical to preparing future leaders.”

Twenty students received various grants ranging between $500 - $2,000 based on their selected proposals, written for Global Oregon and chosen by faculty.

Undergraduate and Graduate Global Oregon grant recipients:
Kim Demarest, Department of Architecture
Taylor Dodrill, Department of Biology
Niria Garcia, Department of Environmental Studies
Jae Jensen, Department of International Studies
Eugenia Lollini, Departments of Anthropology and Romance Languages
Karina Perez-Gonzalez, International Studies and Latin American Studies
Claire Seger, Department of Architecture
Samantha Skinner, Department of Anthropology
Erik Thorbeck, Chinese and Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Patrick Wrobel, Departments of Accounting and Geography
Annie Caruso, Department of Anthropology
Josh Fitzgerald, Department of History
Tobin Hansen, Department of Anthropology
Anya Hopple, Department of Biology
Eva Serfozo, Department of Romance Languages

Undergraduate and Graduate Global Oregon Translation Studies grant recipients:
Amy Krol, Romance Languages and International Studies
Laura Keyt, Department of Romance Languages
Robert Moore, Comparative Literature Department
Nagore Sedano, Department of Romance Languages

Global Oregon of the Global Studies Institute is a strategic initiative at the university designed to enhance internationalization in the student experience through research, with the goal to reach out to Oregon and beyond. Global Oregon is cross-regional and interdisciplinary, and it establishes new synergies among teaching, research, and community service to develop innovative ways of learning.



Media Contacts:
Dennis Galvan
Vice Provost for International Affairs
Office of International Affairs

Sheila Bong
Program Director, Global Studies Institute
Office of International Affairs