KEZI shows high-tech map of UO research projects

EUGENE, Ore. — Here’s something to check out if you’re headed to Hayward Field. One of the free exhibits at the IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships is a giant touch screen interactive map of the world.

The map shows parts of the world where University of Oregon researchers are doing work.

The goal is to raise awareness that there is academic excellence of global impact attached to the track.

“Being able to then deliver it to the public definitely gives a huge sense of civic pride and accomplishment. We hope that all the delegations, over 160-plus delegations here today will take some time to take a look at their own country,” said Chakris Kussalanant, Director of Marketing and Communications at the UO Office of International Affairs.

A team of 50 people has been working one year on the map, gathering video and images before programming it.