AHA joins discussion of future at PDX Abroad

AHA's Sam Bethal and Lisa Calevi visited the headquarters of Idealist.org in Portland, where PDX Abroad had gathered 26 higher education professionals from Oregon and Washington to hold a Generation Study Abroad Think Tank.

The group was challenged with the question of "What will it take to double study abroad?"

The PDX Abroad discussion is also the topic of an IIE green paper, which recorded the outcome of IIE's March 2014 roundtable discussion, as well as the theme of IIE's fall 2014 IIENetworker. The new magazine features 14 articles covering high-potential areas of growth in study abroad, including community colleges, STEM programs, and co-curricular programs. It also includes a section devoted to expanding diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, and academic disciplines.

For a first person account of the event visit IIE's Opening MInds blog entry by Jon Grosh.