From Silence to Memory: Archives and Human Rights in Guatemala and Beyond

Where: Knight Library, Browsing Room 1501 Kincaid Street, Eugene, OR

This symposium focusing on the value of archives in human rights issues in Guatemala and elsewhere features a panel discussion with Internationally known panelists, a lecture that is part of the Philip H. Knight Dean of Libraries Distinguished Speaker Series, and a  documentary film screening covering Guatemalan human rights issues. Sessions include:

3 p.m. Book presentation and panel discussion of From Silence to Memory: Revelations of the National Police Historical Archive, Knight Library Browsing Room

4 p.m. “The Role of Archives in Strengthening Democracy and Promoting Human Rights,” a talk by Trudy Peterson, former Acting Archivist for the United States, Knight Library’s Browsing Room

6 p.m. Film screening of Keep Your Eyes On Guatemala by the UO's Gabriela Martínez, 221 Allen Hall