No Passport Needed


We're bringing the world to you!

Worldwide engagement is easier and more important than ever, and we will take you, remotely, to the furthest reaches of our inter-connected world. Fly past your peers with your new global connections and quickly advance your academic, professional, and personal lives.




Study Abroad

Introducing a new way to have a global experience. Taught by world-class faculty from around the globe, these one-of-a-kind experiences remotely transport you to the location you wish to study, with the people and places you most wish to meet and see.

GEO #NoPassportNeeded Experiences - UO Students

GEO #NoPassportNeeded Experiences - Non-UO Students


Jump-start your career with valuable work experience in a global environment. Leave your passport at home and develop new global networks of professionals in your desired industry, and while working remotely, have the flexibility to work with an organization located anywhere in the world.

GlobalWorks #NoPassportNeeded Virtual Internships

Leadership Opportunities

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Remote collaboration has never been more critical in solving real global challenges. Work in small multinational student teams over 12 days to design solutions for environmental sustainability challenges facing community partners in the for-profit, non-profit, and public sectors. Crafted just for undergraduate students, the challenge is a #NoPassportNeeded program.

Global Leadership Challenge (#NoPassportNeeded)


In this new global landscape, how can educators incorporate coronavirus examples to enhance student learning? In this four-week workshop, you will practice applying principles of active learning, inclusivity, and assessment to develop student learning activities focused on coronavirus in your discipline. #NoPassportNeeded

Workshop: Using Coronavirus to Teach Science


Promote equity, inclusion, and diversity through accessible participation in global engagement experiences. Remote offerings allow anyone from anywhere in the world to engage in cross-cultural experiences and gain global perspectives and education.

Act as a hub of cultural understanding, global perspectives, career readiness, and international collaboration for the University of Oregon community.

Respond to new global realities that will inform the future of worldwide learning, teaching, and collaboration. Remote offerings support the development of mindful global citizens and preparedness for the new realities of our global future.


Division of Global Engagement experiences advance our mission of internationalization for students, faculty, the campus community, and the UO academic plan through innovative remote global experiences. In the face of unprecedented challenges and uncertain futures, our mission is to creatively adapt and continue to provide opportunities for global engagement. We remain committed to our belief that a global education is foundational to academic excellence, vital to our students’ educational development, personal growth, and professional competitiveness; essential for faculty development and research excellence; and integral to the university’s social mission as a premier public residential research university.