International Student Association wins Student Life video challenge

The White House is charging the nation to take ownership in ending sexual violence with the “It’s On Us” campaign. It’s on us to ask for consent; it’s on us to prevent, it’s on us to intervene; it’s on us to support survivors; it’s on us to create a culture of respect and stop sexual assault.

UO students share this vision, and were challenged to make a video to show what they stand for, to show how Ducks Do Something, to help end sexual violence. Our goal is for the student voices to be louder than the statistics and give examples of how their communities are actively a part of the commitment to make real change. The videos were judged by a panel consisting of UO students, faculty, and staff and a first, second, and third place prize was awarded.

The International Student Association won first place in the video challenge. Click here to view their video.