UO Global Expo to showcase university research, academics, excellence

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The world is coming to Eugene, Oregon.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has chosen the University of Oregon and TrackTown USA to host the IAAF World Junior Championships.

On July 22, 2014, more than 2,500 track and field athletes from around the world will gather at UO’s very own Hayward Field to compete in the IAAF World Junior Championships. 

As part of this momentous event, the university’s Office of International Affairs and its Global Studies Institute are hosting the first ever UO Global Expo, as a way for our university to demonstrate the amazing research, faculty expertise, and academic excellence of the University of Oregon.

“As we host the IAAF and their delegations, we want the world to see that this university is world class in science, architecture, business, education, second-language learning, and so many other areas of research, teaching and community service,” says Vice Provost for International Affairs Dennis Galvan.

Watched around the globe, the IAAF World Junior Championships are expected to attract 300 international media crews to Eugene, Oregon. The event has never been held in the United States or on a university campus.

One of the key initiatives of the UO Global Expo is the pairing of delegations and their athletes with UO Ambassadors.

“We envision the UO Ambassadors as a group of students who volunteer their foreign language and cultural competency skills to greet, usher and guide delegations throughout the university,” explains Sheila Bong, program director of the Global Studies Institute.

Students selected to serve as UO Ambassadors are enrolled in preparatory courses in winter through the International Studies Department and in spring and summer through Warsaw Sports Marketing Program. Courses include a Global Sports and Politics, and Sports Marketing.

Those selected as UO Ambassadors gain full access to all World Junior Championship events, and will receive free gear, meals and board for a week.

As a way to champion and showcase the academic excellence of the UO, OIA and GSI have partnered with the UO School of Journalism and Professors Mark Blaine and Ed Madison to produce a series of multimedia pieces discussing the work of UO faculty worldwide.

This collection of interviews, soundslides, articles and photo galleries will be incorporated into an interactive online map designed in conjunction with multimedia startup Venture Dept. The online app will highlight the location of an international UO effort and the overall worldwide reach of the university.

In addition, the UO Global Expo connects colleges, schools, departments and faculty to stimulate research-focused events. For example, UO’s Department of Human Physiology and the Bowerman Sports Science Clinic (BSSC) will hold the 2014 International Sports Science Symposium on Performance Enhancement and Technology, July 18-21, as an event leading to the IAAF World Junior Championships.

“This meeting is a prime example of the ideals pioneered by Oregon legend, Bill Bowerman, specifically the translation of cutting-edge research into direct application for coaches and athletes who stand to gain the most from this research,” said Director of BSSC Michael Hahn. “Our hope is that the international sports community and the loyal TrackTown fans will make the most of this opportunity to see the best (scientists) in action.”

The symposium will bring together experts from the international sports science community to present leading edge research and conduct panel discussions on the application of science in today’s competitive sports environment. Symposium sessions will focus on the areas of Performance Enhancement, Drugs and Sport, Adaptive Technology, and Environmental Physiology.

In addition, the International Sports Science Symposium will conduct a special community outreach session to shed light on the current status of anti-doping in sports, including testimonials from athletes, coaches and officials with first-hand experience.

With input from Tracktown USA and IAAF officials, the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts has developed a special fall course for architecture and product de­sign students to create a world-class flags display for the more than 200 countries schedule to visit Hayward Field.

In the past few weeks, the programming of the UO Global Expo has expanded to consider the inclusion of other tabled exhibits and university events. If you have an idea for an exhibit, faculty lecture, or event, please share your thoughts with the UO Global Expo committee by filling-out a form at globalexpo.uoregon.edu/expo-events.

For more details, to apply for the UO Ambassadors program, submit ideas for other events, suggest projects or faculty champions, visit the UO Global Expo site.


About the Global Studies Institute
The University of Oregon’s Global Studies Institute, within the Office of International Affairs, supports internationally-oriented research centers, programs, and initiatives to enhance faculty research, enrich the student experience, and promote the University of Oregon’s academic excellence at home and with partners around the world.


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