VIDEO: Chinese architects become Ducks for 10 weeks

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (CAPS) hosted nine visiting architects fall term 2012 to do a specialized program in sustainable design. The cohort is from Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group (SXDA), one of the largest architecture firms in China and a key host for UO interns. CAPS organized the trip and UO Professor Nancy Cheng from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts (AAA) in Portland served as faculty advisor.

“These guys are young, first-class architects whose connection to sustainable design and AAA promise to produce a long-lasting relationship between Xiandai and the UO,” says Jeff Hanes, associate professor of history and a CAPS member.

The Xian Dai cohort visited Portland and will soon return home, but before leaving shared a video about their experiences of being a Duck for 10 weeks.