UO ratifies 30-year partnership with Senshu University, Japan

A University of Oregon delegation travelled to Japan and met with Senshu University counterparts to renew one of the longest-standing exchange agreements in university history.

The UO and Senshu are celebrating 30 years of exchange collaboration. The long-term international collaboration will continue to enhance academic excellence at the UO with the signing of a renewal agreement in April 2016.

The exchange program enables students from both universities to study at the other institution and gain credits toward a degree at their home institution.

The agreement was signed by UO Director of International Student and Scholar Services, Abe Schafermeyer and Senshu University Interim President, Professor Sugio Baba, and Dean of International Academic Affairs at Senshu University, Professor Yutaka Takahashi.

“The renewed agreement will continue an important international relationship that helps diversify the international presence at the UO,” Schafermeyer said. “We believe that international students from Senshu University have a lot to gain from studying at the University of Oregon from an academic and cultural perspective. The UO is pleased to continue this important relationship.”

The UO’s exchange agreement is with the Ikuta campus of Senshu University located in a suburb of Tokyo. Senshu University offers programs in business, international economics, marketing, and human sciences.

“Senshu is one of our oldest international partners and has a long history of introducing UO students to the third largest economy in the world. We are proud to continue to make study in Japan possible to new generations of UO students,” noted Dennis Galvan, vice provost for international affairs. "Continuing this prestigious exchange program adds to UO campus diversity by bringing Japanese culture and perspectives to Eugene, while also providing important language learning and cross-cultural academic opportunities for UO students abroad."

UO students studying at Senshu take courses in intensive Japanese language during summer and fall terms. Students have the opportunity to improve their language skills and experience Japanese culture. Students studying during fall term are also able to take courses in Japanese business and history. As of 2014, Senshu has experienced a 6% increase in international student enrollment from 22 different universities around the world.