Fundación Runa seeks interns for development projects in Peru and Ecuador

The Fundación Runa is looking for interns to carry out a participatory analysis of community based resources and livelihoods in the Amazon.  Interns will gain knowledge in areas such as sustainable agricultural practices, business and management, and qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Interns with the foundation can expect to work with a team of professionals to build partnerships with the local community and public sector stakeholders in order to strengthen the sustainable value chains socially, economically, and ecologically.  Programs include Agricultural Cooperative Outreach, Participatory Community Development Planning, Sustainable Agricultural System Design, Public Health and Traditional Medicine, and Ethnobotany and Traditional Healing.

“Interns will learn about the intricacies of actually doing development work in today's world, gaining valuable experience through internships that are designed to meet a variety of interests and specializations,” says Sydney Nilan, program coordinator Runa Foundation-Peru. "Interns will help launch community development programs and expand research programs that are essential to the goals of the Fundación Runa."

Fundación Runa interns can participate in projects focused on agricultural cooperative outreach, ethnobotany and traditional healing, participatory community development planning, and sustainable agricultural system design.

The Fundación Runa is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting research, engaging in community outreach, and supporting smallholder farmers in the Amazon. Currently the Runa Foundation and their partner organization, Rios Nete, are working to expand Guayusa production in Peru and also to investigate other Amazonian plants and their uses. Understanding the wealth of resources of the Amazon, the Foundation wants to translate that value into improved conservation and development outcomes. The programs are built on three core ideas: ecosystems, fair markets, and building knowledge.

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Lindsay Kelchner
Multimedia Producer
Office of International Affairs