UO Students, Faculty Safe After Paris, Beirut & Baghdad Attacks

The UO Office of International Affairs expresses sympathy for our colleagues and friends in Paris, as well as in Baghdad and Beirut, cities that all suffered a series of terrorist attacks Thursday-Friday, 12-13 November 2015. In these instances, our hearts go our to all the victims, and the Office of International Affairs works to ensure that UO students, faculty and staff who may have been traveling in the affected regions are safe.  

While UO has 13 students studying abroad in France this year, all are based outside of Paris and have reported that they are safe (five are in Angers at the center run by the UO study abroad office, Global Education Oregon (GEO); eight are in Lyon at a site run by a partner). One UO faculty member was in Paris, but has flown home. One GEO student studying in Spain was visiting Paris with her father; both are safe and on their way back to Spain. We currently have no students, faculty or staff in Beirut and Baghdad. GEO also provides study abroad access for students from 40 other universities around the US. Six such students are at our GEO site in Angers, and all have reported in safe.

Shortly after the Paris attack on Friday, GEO staff checked in with all our students in Europe, ensuring that all were safe. They all received this message.

Our commitment to global education remains steadfast, matched only by our pledge to do everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff around the world. We stand in solidarity with all who have been affected by these most recent tragedies.