NSRC brings a better internet connection to Galapagos

UO-based organization, Network Startup Resource Center, has brought a better Internet connection to the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS). Visiting researchers and scientists previously struggled to connect to the Internet while at the research station on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

The NSRC funded the travel costs and time for the team to work at CDRS for an entire week, and donated 300 kilograms of new networking equipment, fiber optic cables and connectors for the CDRS network. NSRC worked closely with Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) staff.

"The IT team worked very well," said Jesús Jiménez, CDF Geographic Information Systems" covering access to most of the campus of the station. The internal network is much better now, and I see an improvement in web browsing and internal administration. With this investment and proper maintenance of equipment, CDF can ensure some stability to improve the quality and range of services offered to scientists."

Improving the Internet connection helps scientists to continue research focused on preserving the Galapagos Islands.

For additional information about NSRC, visit www.nsrc.org