UNESCO Crossings Institute joins Global Studies Institute

EUGENE, Oregon (Jan. 16, 2015) – The UNESCO Crossings Institute for Conflict-Sensitive Reporting and Intercultural Dialogue is the latest international unit at the University of Oregon to join the Global Studies Institute (GSI).

With the Crossings Institute, GSI now has a total of eight international member units.

The Crossings Institute is an internationally-oriented research and outreach center that is dedicated to engaging in dialogue as a means to achieve transcultural understanding, and to fostering opportunities to pave the way for conflict sensitive reporting on an international scale.

“We look forward to supporting professors and students researching conflict sensitive reporting and intercultural dialogue at the UO,” said Professor Peter Laufer, co-director Crossings Institute. “Our activities and research will be distributed via podcasts and other more traditional publishing platforms.”

The Crossings Institute was developed by Professors Steven Shankman and Peter Laufer and grew out of their combined histories working on international development projects with the United Nations body.

Laufer was the lead editor of a UNESCO model higher education journalism curriculum adopted by the Iraq Ministry of Higher Education. Shankman holds a UNESCO Chair in intercultural and interreligious dialogue. After collaborating on several projects, UNESCO worked with the two of them to launch the institute.

“I can’t think of a more important effort for the internationalization of the UO than for us to invest in fostering dialogue and advocate for conflict-sensitive reporting in a world with many war-torn societies,” said Dennis Galvan, vice provost for international affairs. “We are honored to have the Crossings Institute join GSI and be international stewards of UO expertise.”

In the months to come, Professor Shankman will be integrating his work in prisons teaching the Inside Out program into Crossings Institute efforts.  Professor Laufer will be integrating the Crossings Institute into his work on the global trade in endangered species.

The Crossings Institute will participate in UNESCO's World Press Freedom Day events in Riga, Latvia, in 2015, where they expect to host a meeting of UNESCO Chairs from throughout the region.

The UO Global Studies Institute (GSI) supports internationally-oriented research centers, programs, and initiatives to enhance faculty research, enrich the student experience, and promote the University of Oregon’s academic excellence at home and with partners around the world. For more information visit http://gsi.uoregon.edu.


Dennis Galvan
Vice Provost for International Affairs
Office of International Affairs

Peter Laufer
James Wallace Chair Professor in Journalism
Co-Director, UNESCO Crossings Institute
School of Journalism and Communications