Clark Honors College Stern fellows travel to Oxford over spring break

This article first appeared in Around the O on Wenesday, March 26, 2014.

Nine undergraduate students from the University of Oregon's Clark Honors College and 10 students from the Conflict and Dispute Resolution Program traveled to London for a spring break workshop and seminar at Oxford University on global justice and human rights.

The Stern Fellowships fund - created by a $120,000 gift two years ago from David B. Stern, president of the Portland financial services firm D.B. Stern & Co. and 1995 recipient of the UO Distinguished Service Award – made the trip possible.

“I am looking forward to experiencing the academic rigor and challenge of a university like Oxford,” Corinne Yank, a senior in the Clark Honors College, said prior to leaving for the spring break seminar.

The students will work with Cheney Ryan and Hugo Slim. Ryan works part of the year as an emeritus professor in the Conflict and Dispute Resolution Program at the UO School of Law; the rest of his time is spent at Oxford. Slim is one of Oxford’s leading authorities on the area of human rights.

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