Roger Adkins

Associate Director, UO Study Abroad Programs

Roger serves as the associate director of UO Study Abroad Programs, working closely with program development for UO Global Seminars (study abroad programs led by UO faculty) and coordinating study abroad programs in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. He also leads a summer program on fantasy literature, folklore, and popular culture (known as "Fantasy on the Fringe" or "Harry Potter in the UK").  In addition, he serves as the campus representative and adviser for students applying for the Fulbright U.S. Student Programs, DAAD (Germany) awards, and the American Scandinavian Foundation fellowships.  His own study abroad adventure was in Iceland.  He holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature and occasionally teaches courses on campus, recently including a Freshman Seminar in folklore, “Talking to Monsters.”  His current research interests include the queer supernatural and the queer monstrous, magical realism in Nordic and Anglophone literatures, ethnography of queer identity, diversity in study abroad contexts, and best practices for supporting faculty who lead study abroad programs. He also enjoys watching films, cooking and trying new foods, exploring the arts, and being outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

(541) 346-3207