Women, Education, and Social Change in Saudi Arabia

Where: Knight Library Browsing Room

Considered by Forbes as one of the 200 most powerful women in the Arab world, Dr. Aisha Almana is best known as the first Saudi woman to obtain a PhD, but this is only one of her impressive list of accomplishments.

After completing her sociology degree from the University of Oregon, she went on to pursue a PhD from the University of Colorado in 1980. She is also the first Saudi woman to be appointed the director of a school and the first to do social work in the field of women and development.

Almana has worked tirelessly in the fight for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and in 1973 was appointed as a representative for women’s affairs in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the Eastern Province. She was also one of the women leading the fight against the 1990 ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia.

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