UO Student Selected for Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship

1,500 students across the nation applied to Fund for Education Abroad's Scholarship. Among all the applicants, UO student Lukas Heaton was selected to receive $1,562 to help make his goal of studying in Rosario, Argentina happen. Lukas will be participating in GEO's Spanish Language in Rosario program this summer. 

"I decided on Rosario for a couple reasons. First, I wanted to choose a less-frequented destination (than, for example, Buenos Aires or cities in Spain) so that I could have a more unique experience and a higher degree of language immersion. Second, it is the only Spanish language program offered this summer in Latin America with classes that count toward my Spanish Language and Society major.

"Having never been out of the U.S., I am most looking forward to discovering cultural differences that exist between the society I have grown up in and that which I will live in abroad. This could include anything from eating habits to social expectations to spiritual philosophies. I believe these insights are just as—if not more—important for a well-rounded worldview than academics."

Warmest congratulations to Lukas for being selected!