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From your home, to Eugene, to London, one of the great benefits of our digital world is the ability to instantaneously connect with friends, mentors, and instructors from wherever we are. To enroll, email Quinne Hauth at qhauth@uoregon.edu.

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The Division of Global Engagement and Global Education Oregon (GEO) are offering "English Around the World." An opportunity to learn the English language from a variety of locations. You can participate in any of the following:


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New! International Gaming Club

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Play games. Meet Friends. Practice language skills. The International Gaming Club groups native English speakers with learners from around the world to play popular video games together. Use your conversational English in an authentic environment while learning new colloquial phrases and meeting friends with similar interests.

The club meets twice per week and gameplay times are hosted by leaders in intercultural communication and language learning. You can join one or both sessions each week, depending on your level of interest in the game being played. The club is dedicated to helping learners from around the world practice conversational English - and to having fun!

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Week 2
Among Us -- January 12 at 6:00pm/10:00am (Oregon/China)

Week 3
Among Us -- January 21 at 5:00am/9:00pm (Oregon/China)

Week 4
Don't Starve (Together) -- January 28 at 6:00pm/10:00am (Oregon/China)

Week 5
Don't Starve (Together) -- February 4 at 5:00am/9:00pm (Oregon/China)

Week 6
League of Legends -- February 11 at 6:00pm/10:00am (Oregon/China)

Week 7
League of Legends -- February 18 at 5:00am/9:00pm (Oregon/China)

Week 8
ICC -- February 25 at 6:00pm/10:00am (Oregon/China)

Week 9
TBD -- March 4 at 5:00am/9:00pm (Oregon/China)

Week 10
TBD -- March 11 at 6:00pm/10:00am (Oregon/China)

Remote conversation partner in London, UK 

There are many differences in the English language from England to the Americas, to Hong Kong and Singapore. With the new #NoVisaNeeded program: English Around the World, you will be partnered with a conversation partner from English-speaking locations worldwide! Hear from our London partners in this video.

Remote conversation partner in Eugene, Oregon


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The Conversation Friend Program matches international students, scholars, or spouses with a local Friendship Foundation for International Students (FFIS) volunteer for one-on-one English conversation. Conversation Friends meet for one hour each week for English conversation and practice. Students will be matched with volunteers of the same gender.

Conversation Friend volunteers range in age from college level to retirees, but all share the same desire to help international students, scholars, or spouses practice conversational English and make new friends.

The Conversation Friend Application is open from September 1 through February 1 every year.


Remote homestay with a family in Eugene, Oregon

The AEI Homestay Program matches international students with local host families. This program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the English language as well as U.S. culture and family life by meeting privately with an American family. Students learn a lot! 
"I could learn both language, custom and current affairs in U.S. from her." -- MA, Saudi Arabia 
"The host is so kind and helpful, always patiently listening to my English and sharing what she thinks on my ideas. So we are having a good time!" -- X, China 
"We meet once a week and we talk for one hour of diverse subjects. We understand and appreciate each other." -- G, France 

The hosts enjoy connecting with students and know how to engage and create rewarding experiences.  
"M was a great partner--very nice, and eager to engage. We talked about culture, family, travel, and we took each other on a tour of our homes. We also focused on word meanings and pronunciation. It's a wonderful way to share our respective cultures with each other." -- ​​​​Host family, Eugene 
"I've always enjoyed getting to know people from other cultures. We exchange what is considered normal in each other's day to day lives; everything from weather, to clothes, to family dynamics to politics." -- Host family, Eugene


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Thursday, March. 11
4:00 p.m. (PST)

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Remote career advice from UO alumnus in Singapore or Hong Kong


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Learn from those who walked in your shoes! UO international alumni are eager to meet you and provide support with your academics and career.