There are several ways to search for programs and choose the one that is right for you:

  • You can use the links at the left, which include both regions of the world and direct links to multi-regional programs, to search for options of interest to you.
  • The Study Abroad Programs homepage allows you to search by country or region of the world via a drop-down menu system.
  • The View Map button in the upper-right corner of the homepage opens a fully interactive (e.g., zoomable) Google map. Click the button again to collapse the map.
  • Use the Advanced Search feature in the online application system to search by term, language, housing options, or other specific categories. (Note: This feature is not 100% perfect, so it's always good to ask, too!)
  • If you’re open to going just about anywhere and/or having trouble narrowing it down, come talk with one of our amazing study abroad advisers. During winter term 2015, drop-in advising is available every weekday from 1:30 to 3:30pm in 333 Oregon Hall.