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Can I Study Abroad in English?

Yes! Many courses on UO-sponsored study abroad programs are taught in English and do not require prior  study of another language. Even in some countries in which English is not an official language, the host universities or the programs offered by the UO allow for studying in English. In some programs, you will study the language of the country once you are on the site, though the focus is usually on learning about both the host country’s language and culture.

Immersion, Prior Language Study, and Choice of Housing

However, some programs do require prior language study, ranging from one university term up to three or even four university years of a language. These programs may offer content courses taught in the language of the host country, and these programs often provide a more immersive experience, that is, you will experience the full immersion of living and studying within another cultural and linguistic reality. Such an experience is very valuable for students seeking advanced language and intercultural skills for use in future careers, graduate studies, etc. Choosing a home-stay housing option, or an option where you may live with host national students, where avalable, may also help you to develop your language skills very rapidly. It is up to you to decide how immersive an experience you are seeking.

What Is Offered

For most of our programs that offer language study, there are multiple levels offered, from very beginner to very advanced. Each site has different offerings, as explained in the program brochure. Some programs may even offer multiple languages for students studying more than one language, or both a major language (such as French) and a local language (such as Wolof).

Professional Immersion

A global internship may also be an option for those interested in working in a professional capacity in a second language or working alongside host nationals. Some IE3 internship positions require prior language study in order for participants to be fluent enough to use the language in the daily working environment. In any event, though, an internship is a great immersion experience into the host country's professional culture.

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