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Before Applying

Before you apply for a program, you should read through the information in the program's web brochure (found in this website). This information includes eligibility requirements and application deadlines, both of which vary from program to program.


Once you begin an application, be sure to complete it within three weeks. Completing it in a timely fashion is to your advantage, since most programs' applications are screened on a rolling basis (as completed). In order to be considered, all materials must be submitted by 9:00 pm PST (12:00 am EST) on the posted application deadline. The application system will stop accepting new items at that time. Use the checklist in your online application to monitor your progress. Note that you need not worry about the items marked as "STAFF ONLY."

Submit a Strong Application

Competitive applications will have strong essays that detail your motivations for studying abroad and how the program you have chosen ties into your academic, personal, and professional goals. Use the essays to make the case that you are a well prepared applicant who is very interested in studying or interning abroad. Be specific and provide relevant examples.


You should also choose references who know you well and who can attest to the quality of your work, your seriousness as a student, and your language ability (where relevant). It's best to use the online reference request, as people tend to respond more quickly to emails than to paper requests. However, you may also want to contact your references and let them know about the application and why you are applying.

Back-Up Plan

Most students only apply to their one preferred program. For programs with limited space, however, you may want to apply for a second and third choice. Note that each application must be completed separately (though your personal biographical data only has to be entered once).

The Online Application

The online application includes several types of materials. Signature Documents are legally binding documents that you must read and sign virtually (the system uses your UO online identity). Material Submissions are items that you must either print, complete and return to the office, or outside items that must be submitted. Questionnaires are forms to be filled in online and include the essays (which you may opt to write in a word-processing program and then paste in). You will also find a log of your emails from UO Study Abroad Programs staff and uploaded documents. You may save your application and return to it as many times as necessary to complete it.

Applications for all UO study abroad and global internships programs are available in this website under the Application tab of each program’s web brochure.

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