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Residence Credit & Registration

Students who study or intern abroad on UO-sponsored programs (anything in this website) receive UO residence credit, not transfer credit (i.e., it's as if the courses were taken on the Eugene campus). For this reason, seniors may study abroad without fear of failing to meet the residency requirement. You will be registered by UO Study Abroad Programs for your abroad term(s) only and do not need to register for the study abroad credits in DUCKWeb. The initial registration is with placeholder credits and does not reflect what the final transcript will include. The actual course information and grades that you receive abroad will be placed on your UO transcript and will count in the your cumulative GPA at the UO.

Meeting Requirements Abroad

Depending on the program and the courses that you take while abroad, you may be able to fulfill major and/or minor requirements and, at times, general education requirements. You can also fulfill the International Cultures (IC) multicultural requirement by studying or interning abroad in a program that is ten weeks or longer. Most programs' brochures in this website include a list of established UO course equivalencies, showing courses already taken at the site and how they apply to the UO degree.

Advising & Planning

Students are highly encouraged to meet early on with both UO Study Abroad Programs staff and their own academic advisers to start planning for their time abroad. Early planning can help you pinpoint the precise goals you have for your study abroad experience and the best possible time to go abroad (e.g., summer vs. academic year, sophomore vs. junior year, etc.) to meet those goals.

When to Go

All programs have specific eligibility requirements (see the brochures in this website), so you may need to consider when you will be eligible. In most cases, you have to be in a position to have the eligibility requirements (other than GPA) met when you leave on the program, not at the time of application. The ideal time to study or intern abroad varies and may depend on your goals, your major, and other factors. For most programs, students must have at least sophomore standing at time of deprtaure, but some programs require junior standing or higher, and some are open to freshmen. See the When to Go page for more information.

Course Approvals

All new study abroad courses must be approved by UO academic departments, generally while students are studying abroad. You will play a role by providing course information, as requested. The course approval process can be a lengthy one and is dependent on many factors. You should expect for it to take at least one and as many as three terms after your program for your course work taken abroad to appear on your UO transcript. This timeline is normal. For seniors studying abroad, we can expedite the process a little once you have applied to graduate.

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