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One great way to gain international experience is to complete an internship abroad. Internships provide not only international experience but also valuable cross-cultural work experience. Students can participate in a part-time internship while participating in certain study abroad programs or in a full-time internship through the IE3 Global Internships program.


IE3 Global Internships

In addition to our study programs, UO Study Abroad Programs also offers over 150 full-time, regular internship placements in dozens of countries around the world through IE3 Global Internships (International Education, Employment, and Experience), a program of the Oregon University System. IE3 also offers individualized placements in several different locations, allowing students in any major to find an internship placement targeted to their individual interests.

These internships offer the opportunity to gain professional work experience while earning UO academic credit and utilizing UO financial aid resources for your travel and living costs. Internships typically range in length from 10 weeks to 6 months and are available in a variety of private-sector companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions around the world.

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First-time users are strongly encouraged to read the entire IE3 web brochure for UO-specific information before navigating to the IE3 website.


Internships during study abroad programs

Some study abroad programs have part-time internships or service learning embedded in the program, so that you can both take classes and gain professional and practical experience at the same time. Some examples include: individualized journalism internships in Media in Ghana program (summer); internships offered by the UO Center in London (AHA program) in fall, winter, or spring; and internships or service-learning placements offered at certain CIEE programs. 

In some cases, there are additional eligibility requirements to participate in an internship during a study program, such as a higher level of language ability, a higher GPA, or a higher class standing (e.g., junior instead of sophomore by time of arrival). Consult the specific program's brochure for details about eligibility requirements. 

Internship vs. Study Abroad

Internships differ from study programs in a number of ways.  To succeed in an international internship, you need to make critical transitions: from U.S. culture into another culture, and from being a student to being a full-time staff member on a professional team.

If you are weighing whether to study or intern abroad, it is important to contemplate the following differences:

An IE3 Global Internship generally:

  • requires greater self-motivation
  • provides a more independent experience
  • constitutes full immersion among host nationals

A study abroad program may:

  • have other US Americans or international students who are sharing the experience
  • offer a structured campus social life and social outings
  • have defined expectations (ie. a curriculum, exams)
  • provide pre-arranged housing, courses, and activities with your peers

IE3 internships are open to juniors, seniors, post-baccalaureate students, and graduate students in good academic standing.  Read the individual position descriptions in the IE3 website for information about required skills, training and language ability specific to any particular internship position.

Students are strongly encouraged to have an advising session before they apply for an IE3 internship. You can call the reception desk at (541) 346-3207 to schedule an appointment with an adviser. 

Check out the full-time internships offered as well as application information on the IE3 website.

Note:  Some of the content on this page was adapted from IE3 Global Internships

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