Identifying scholarships for studying abroad can take time and effort, but most scholarship recipients will tell you it is worth the time. Scholarships are available through multiple sources, including the Office of International Affairs, other campus departments, program providers, and the U.S. Government. Research as many as possible to determine your eligibility.

Some, but not all, scholarships require demonstrated financial need. This is typically demonstrated through completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students should complete the FAFSA every year. In addition, some University of Oregon scholarships you already receive (or may apply for) may be applicable to your study abroad costs.  

NOTE: Many scholarship deadlines occur before program deadlines. Make sure to note the deadlines and apply early. 

General Study Abroad Scholarships

Program and Region Specific Scholarships

UO Departmental Scholarships

Distinguished National Scholarships

 Other Resources and Scholarships

Drafting Scholarship Applications

After you have determined which scholarships you will apply for, it is important to begin drafting your essays, obtaining supplemental documentation, and requesting letters of recommendations, if required. It is highly encouraged to have a friend, peer, or family member read through draft essays. For certain scholarships, staff in Study Abroad Programs can read essays and provide feedback. 

Please note: Information regarding all the scholarships listed on this website is subject to change. Please make sure to look at all information for the current deadlines, requirements and scholarship specifics.