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Transcripts and Credits

It can take one to three terms for the grades and credits you earned while abroad to appear on your UO transcript. If you have questions or concerns about your credits or grades, please contact your program coordinator.

What Is Reverse Culture Shock?

First, it's normal to experience some difficulty with re-entry into the US. You're probably experiencing a mix of emotions, both positive and negative, as you return home from your time abroad. On the positive side, you're probably happy to see your family and friends again, and to eat your favorite US foods. On the negative side, you might be missing friends that you made while abroad, missing the way of life, the weather, the food, anything important to you about your host country. Perhaps you're even feeling like you're missing the person you were while you were abroad - that fun, adventurous person who tried new things every day and was the center of attention. You might even find yourself thinking that the US is boring or inferior and that you wish you could go abroad again, maybe even permanently. All of this is normal.

Symptoms of Reverse Culture Shock
Irritability, depression, tiredness, frustration, loneliness, or other signs of stress


Time - months, perhaps - to incorporate the experiences you've had and the memories you've made into your life at home, to synthesize the you-who-studied-abroad and the you-at-home into a single personal identity that honors all of your experiences. For most people, it gets easier with additional international travel, but there can be surprises in the third or fifth or tenth trips, too. Another strategy is to get together with others who have had a similar experience while staying in touch with your friends from your time abroad. Consider incorporating parts of your host culture into your life at home, and/or getting involved with international activities here at the UO. In some cases, speaking with a counselor or trusted friend can be a wise choice.

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