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The "Fantasy on the Fringe" program (also known as "Harry Potter in the UK") is designed for undergraduate students with a keen interest in fantasy, folklore, and popular culture. It's probably best to think of the program as a school in social justice, using fantasy and folklore as a window into alternative ways to imagine our social realities. The idea very much follows in the spirit of the Harry Potter series, though of course most fantasy and folklore address similar questions. The program offers students the chance to learn about how the fantasy modality functions – both through regular course activities and immersion in an array of experiential activities.

The "Fantasy on the Fringe" program will not be offered in 2015.  It is expected to return in summer 2016.



  • The program is led by Dr. Roger Adkins, Associate Director of Study Abroad Programs and an instructor in folklore and English
  • The program is designed for students interested in the course topics. While English and folklore majors may apply the courses to completion of their majors, there are no formal prerequisites.
  • Both courses are upper-division offerings, and both may be applied toward the UO Arts & Letters requirement.
  • The 4-week program includes 2.5 weeks in London and 1.5 weeks in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.
  • Excursions include day trips to sites such as Tintern Abbey and St. Andrews Castle as well as cultural, historic, folkloric, and popular sites of interest in London and Edinburgh.
  • The Edinburgh portion of the program is scheduled to coincide with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a madcap and massive festival of the avant garde and edgy in the arts, including street performances.


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