2014 Tax information

This tax information is intended only for international students and scholars at the University of Oregon with income sources and income levels typical of students and scholars at the University.

If you have income from unusual sources or higher than usual income, you should not rely on this tax information: instead, seek professional tax advice from a qualified accountant or attorney. 



Everything presented here is to help you with your filing obligations. 

If you miss a deadline, get your documents together and go see a tax accountant as soon as you can. If you are consulting with a tax accountant, make sure he/she fully understands international tax concepts, rules, treaties and regulations. Search for an accountant at the National Association of Enrolled Agents - look at the Tax Specialty of each account and look for "international." Go to

You are 100% responsible for complying with tax laws and you should consult with a personal tax advisor if you have specific questions about your individual tax liability. The University of Oregon cannot provide legal advice to you concerning your taxes.

 The Office of International Affairs, as part of a broader service mission, provides advising as an opportunity for international students and scholars at the University of Oregon to obtain general tax information from independent tax professionals. The University of Oregon cannot provide legal advice to individuals concerning their individual tax liability.

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