University of Oregon J-1 Exchange Visitor Program for Visiting Professors and Research Scholars

The University of Oregon's hosts over 250 visiting scholars - including professors, researchers, and short-term scholars - each year from around the world. These researchers, lecturers and professors bring a wide range of expertise and experience to our campus and contribute to the University's mission and academic objectives.


The University's J-1 Exchange Visitor Program sponsors visiting professors and research scholars to engage in teaching, research, and other academic activities. Eligibility for the Exchange Visitor Program requires either (a) a UO contract for temporary employment as a visiting professor, instructor, or researcher; or (b) a UO courtesy appointment as an unpaid visiting scholar hosted by a UO academic department. Persons hired to permanent employment (e.g., tenure-track faculty, career instructor, and career research scientist) positions are not eligible for participation in the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program and should review our H-1B Faculty page instead.

Short-Term Visitors

J-1 Exchange Visitor status is available for academic activities (teaching / research) connected to a UO department. In general, activities should be a minimum of three weeks. Persons who will receive honoraria and/or expense reimbursement for academic activities lasting fewer than nine (9) days may be eligible instead to come to the UO on a B-1/B-2 visitor's visa or a WB/WT visa waiver. Please review the information on our B-1 / B-2 web page for more information.


J-1 Exchange Visitor Program: Procedures

Potential Scholars

The first step in becoming a visiting scholar is to contact the UO academic department that best matches your area of specialization. Your UO academic department will assist with the documents needed to apply as a visiting scholar.

Continuing Scholars

If you are currently at the UO as a visiting researcher, scholar or professor, you may contact International Affairs for immigration advising and referrals to campus and community resources.

UO Departments: Inviting International Scholars

Departments interested in inviting a visiting scholar the the UO can contact International Affairs for information about visas and to process the neccessary paperwork for immigration.

J-1 Scholar Pre-Arrival Guide

Other Information

 J-2 Employment Information

J-2 Dependents are eligible to apply for employment authorization.  Please see the link above for information about the application procedure.

Additional Information 


 SEVIS Information

 Employee Rights and Information