The cost of a study abroad program depends on many factors and it is important to keep these in mind as you are researching, selecting and budgeting for your time abroad.

Factors that contribute to the overall cost of a study abroad or international internship program include:

  • timing and length of program
  • location
  • academic and credit related costs
  • cost of living in host country/city and type of housing
  • international and local transportation
  • program type


Where to find estimated program budgets

When you are reviewing the program information on our website, you can find the Estimated Program Budget in the Program Details section under Financial Information. 

Plan for some costs prior to departure

Most of your study abroad costs will be due prior to departure. Depending on your program and destination, you may need to pay for photos, visa processing, immunizations, and other related items. Additionally, you will need to purchase your airline tickets in advance. Most programs require a deposit that confirms your participation in the program and will be applied towards your program costs. Keep this in mind as you plan and budget for your time abroad.