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UO Global Seminars (also known as faculty-led study abroad programs) are study abroad programs led by UO faculty. The UO Global Seminars model accommodates a wide array of programming, with lengths ranging from a minimum of one week up to a full term's length (11 weeks). The program model also accommodates any UO field of study and almost any imaginable program concept, as long as it is likely to appeal to enough students to make the program feasible. Thus, the UO Global Seminars opportunity fosters some of the most innovative and cutting-edge academic programming enjoyed by UO faculty members.


Support at the Study Site

UO Global Seminars have in-country staffing or support, though this may take various forms depending on the needs of the particular program. The UO Centers Abroad (AHA study abroad sites) offer "turnkey" opportunties for UO faculty interested in one of these sites: Angers, France; Athens, Greece; London, England; Macerata, Italy; Oviedo, Spain; Rosario, Argentina; Segovia, Spain; Siena, Italy; and Vienna, Austria. In other locations, the UO relies on one of several additional partners, or we can also work with host universities or other organizations (including those with whom faculty have strong connections).


Any regularly appointed UO faculty member (tenure-related, career NTTF, and OAs) may lead a UO Global Seminar program. The opportunity is most suitable for faculty who strongly enjoy innovative teaching and are interested in pedagogical and logistical challenges as well as intercultural learning. The experience offers many intangible rewards, and the financial compensation alone certainly does not correspond to the intensity of the experience. Therefore, only those faculty who are very dedicated to teaching in an international setting are likely to find the opportunity inviting.


UO Global Seminars operate on a self-support basis and are designed to have zero net effect on departmental and College budgets. Many UO Global Seminars meet during the summer term, and participating 9-month faculty receive an additional, direct salary (and corresponding benefits contributions) during the program dates, but some professors also teach during their terms of regular contract (fall/winter/spring, or summer for 12-month faculty), and they usually continue to receive their regular salaries and benefits while their home College/School or office receives a "replacement fee" payment. In any case, the schedule of salaries and replacement fee payments is established and published in the salary schedules for UO Global Seminars. In addition, all participating faculty receive coverage of the reasonable costs of participating (round-trip coach airfare, ground travel, compensation for one-bedroom accommodation at the site, global health and disaster insurance coverage, etc.).


Effective planning for a new UO Global Seminar generally takes at least 18 months prior to the launch date. UO faculty members interested in proposing UO Global Seminars are strongly encouraged to consult with Dr. Roger Adkins, Associate Director of UO Study Abroad Programs, as early as possible. Roger assists all faculty developing new programs, whether at UO Centers Abroad (AHA sites) or other sites. Roger has a decade of experience working with faculty-led programs, so he can help you conceptualize your program and consider potential pitfalls. He is also available for consultation with groups of faculty and for presentations at departmental faculty meetings.

Rolling Proposal Process/Deadlines

Proposals for UO Global Seminars are accepted on a rolling basis, with established "last chance" deadlines as follows:

  • October 1 for programs to launch in the winter break, winter term, spring break, or spring term of the following academic year
  • May 1 for programs to launch in the summer or fall of the following calendar year

Online Proposal System

We use an online proposal system for UO Global Seminars. The online system includes both the proposal forms and materials as well as detailed information about the UO Global Seminars model (instructions and tips for planning and conceptualizing programs, budgeting information, salary schedules, and much more). Interested faculty are encouraged to log in (using your UO DUCK ID) to learn more about the program model. Logging in does not commit you to completing the proposal or running a program.

NOTE: The first time you log in, the system requires that you fill out personal data as if you're a student (it will ask for major, minor, etc.). There is no way for us to deactivate these features, as we need them "on" for students. Please answer the biographical information (name, address, etc.) correctly, and have fun with irrelevant questions about things like major and class standing.

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