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The following are research, teaching and training opportunities available for UO faculty and staff. For more information about a listing, please email the contact listed.

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty members who are interested in proposing new faculty-led study abroad programs are welcome to do so and will find the relevant information on our Faculty-Led Programs page.

Teaching at UO Centers Abroad (AHA study abroad sites)

There are numerous opportunities for UO faculty members to teach at UO Centers Abroad.  Faculty members who want to propose programs of their own design should read the Faculty-Led Programs page.  Those faculty members who are interested in teaching courses in the existing (regular) programs at these sites should check out the AHA webpage for prospective visiting faculty.  Opportunities may vary from site to site and year to year.

Recently and currently participating faculty: Bill Ayres (Anthropology, Athens, spring 2012); Martha Bayless (English, London, winter 2013); Sandy Bonds (Theatre Arts, London, spring 2012); Warren Ginsberg (English, London, winter 2012); Amalia Gladhart (Romance Languages, Rosario, fall 2011); Aaron Gullickson (Sociology, Siena, winter 2013); Kathleen Karlyn (English/Cinema Studies, Rosario, spring 2012); Randy McGowen (History, London, fall 2011); Daniel Miller (Journalism, London, spring 2013); Kate Mondloch (History of Art and Architecture, Siena, fall 2011); Géraldine Poizot-Newcomb (Romance Languages, Fes, summers 2011 and 2012); Gina Psaki (Romance Languages, Macerata, falls 2011 and 2013); Marc Vanscheeuwijck (Musicology, Macerata, falls 2011 and 2013), David Wacks (Romance Languages, Oviedo, spring semester 2013).

Distinguished Faculty Awards for International Research, Teaching and Consulting

Fulbright.  Faculty members who are interested in Fulbright awards (a wide array of grants ranging in length and available in many international locations) should consult the Fulbright program information online. The typical deadline is August 1 of the year prior to the academic year of the award. Stephen Wooten is happy to provide general advice and to read your application statements and comment on them (with an administrator's eye). You are also strongly urged to seek assistance from colleagues inside and outside your field, lay readers, and UO faculty who have previously held Fulbright awards (you may search the alumni list in the Fulbright website by institutional affiliation).

Bellagio Center Residencies and Fellowships. Deadlines for Bellagio Center awards vary by program. No internal UO contact.

Social Sciences Research Council. Deadlines for Social Sciences Research Council awards vary by program. Contact: Robert Long, (541) 346-2293.

American Council of Learned Societies. Deadlines for ACLS awards vary by program. Contact: Robert Long,(541) 346-2293.

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Deadlines for DAAD awards vary by program. Contact: Robert Long,(541) 346-2293.

IREX (Institutional Research and Exchanges Board). Deadlines for IREX awards vary by program. Contact: Robert Long,(541) 346-2293.

APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) Fellows Program. Deadlines for APRU Fellows awards vary by program. Contact: Robert Long, (541) 346-2293.

Faculty Exchange Opportunities

A number of the UO's and the Oregon University System's exchange partner universities and other international partners are open to ad hoc faculty exchange arrangements, including anything from a week of guest lecturing or on-site research up to a bilateral exchange of faculty from each campus for a full academic year. In general, there are no special funds available for travel or other expenses, so interested faculty members may need to rely on their personal research accounts, departmental support, or external grant funding. There are opportunities for faculty members in most academic fields, and foreign-language ability is not always required. Options include most partner univerisities, as well as business options in Denmark (summer) and Italy. For more information, please contact Roger Adkins, Associate Director of UO Study Abroad Programs.

Teaching or Working on Semester at Sea Voyages

Semester at Sea (SAS), one of UO's study abroad partners, seeks faculty, staff and professionals to teach/work on their summer, fall and spring voyages every year. SAS is administered by the Institute of Shipboard Education (ISE), a private, nonprofit, educational corporation with its international headquarters located in Charlottesville, VA. ISE is affiliated with the University of Virginia. ISE hopes to attract the best professional faculty and staff interested in teaching global and comparative curricula, and in the management and operation of a shipboard educational experience. For more information about openings and the hiring process please visit the Semester at Sea website.

International Faculty Development Seminars (CIEE)

The UO's partner, CIEE (Council on International Education and Exchange), operates dozens of study centers worldwide and annually hosts around 15 to 20 International Faculty Development Seminars (of one to two weeks) at these sites, mainly between May and July. The IFDS seminars are a wonderful opportunity for faculty professional and curricular development, allowing faculty members from affiliated universities like the UO to explore new locations and new topics of interest. Prior expertise in the particular IFDS theme is not required, though people in the relevant field will also find the IFDS seminars interesting. CIEE offers a few grants for both new and returning participants. Application deadline for the IFDS program is generally in March, though some seminars fill early. Contact: Roger Adkins, Associate Director of UO Study Abroad Programs, (541) 346-1204. Note that the UO sponsors most but not all CIEE sites for our students.

Recent UO faculty participants include: Shoshana Kerewsky (Family and Human Services), Carrie Leonetti (Law), Judith Raiskin (Women's and Gender Studies), and Cynthia Tolentino (English).

SIT Site Visits

The UO's partner, SIT (School for International Training), also operates a number of study abroad sites. Each year, SIT hosts group site visits for faculty and staff of affiliated universities to explore sites and learn more about the program opportunities. Site visits currently cost $500 (inclusive) plus your round-trip travel. Read more about the upcoming site visits here. Note that the UO sponsors most but not all SIT sites for our students. You may also contact Roger Adkins, Associate Director of Study Abroad Programs, for more information.

Georgetown University's McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

The McGhee Center periodically calls for faculty to teach courses on contemporary culture, sociology, history, economics, politics, migration, development, the environment, emerging markets, gender studies, health, and other regionally appropriate topics pertaining to one of the following regions:

  • Turkey and the Middle East
  • Turkey and the European Union
  • The Islamic world
  • The relationship between Turkey and the Russian/Eurasian sphere of influence (especially the Balkans, Caucasus, Black Sea, or Central Asia)

Contact: Lisa Donatelli, Deputy Director, Georgetown Office of International Programs.  Note: This is an external opportunity and is not directly sponsored by the UO; there is no internal contact person at the UO.

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